Okay, let's get this out right off the bat so no one is confused. This is David writing. Yes, I know it's my first post and I'm sorry that it has to be this one. I don't write much because I feel it's hard to top any words Kristin writes. She does an awesome job.  But I felt like this time it was something that I wanted to address.
99.31% of people who read this blog are people that support us and love us, and you are the whole reason why we have this blog. When Brinley was diagnosed with Leukemia last year we knew that there was no way for us to be able to reach out not only to all of our family, but to anyone that cared and wanted to be updated on Brinley and our family. It has turned into a great communication tool for us and it has re-connected us with old friends and has also introduced us to awesome people that we have never met but know through this blog.
When I created this blog and made it public I knew there was a risk involved. Yes, I'm talking about the other 0.69% of non supporters  that out of millions of blogs they can write their negative shallow and ignorant comments on they pick ours. This blog is not for you (0.69%).
There are pros an cons to having a public blog:
  •  It allows you to express your self and share your feelings and thoughts.
  •  It allows you to connect with people you know and don't know that share your interests and feelings.
  • It allows the reader to participate in the conversation by leaving comments and input on each post
  • It allows the reader to share their thoughts without having to leave their name and/or contact information
  • And more…
  • Having a public blog leaves your thoughts , feelings and interests out in the open for anyone who doesn't care and is on the internet to be malicious
  • It allows the reader to share their thoughts without having to leave their name and/or contact information :)
  • It allows people (%0.69) to hide behind the fact that they don't have to leave any contact info or have people know who/what they really are and leave negative and shallow comments
I am a strong believer in allowing people to share their thoughts whether I agree with them or not. However, I do believe there is a line (I'm drawing it :)). When those people (%0.69) start being disrespectful and rude. I will not have it, your (0.69%) comments will be deleted. 
I could lock it down. But I don't want to make the 99.31% of readers that actually care have to jump through hoops to read our blog.  So I'll just delete them and pretend they never existed :).

Most of your are probably asking your selves, "Wow David, you're really going on about this one aren't you?… what set you off?"
So here is where I try to be the "mature" adult and not feed into the negativity and immaturity. For those of you who know me, you know that the "mature" thing is not something I have quite mastered yet ;). So I will try.
There were some comments made about Mylee (the name not the baby) and why we as parents would choose the name of a famous person (who's name is spelled Miley) to name our kid after. "Couldn't you be more original?" …blah blah blah blah blah ... and more,  the "more" parts were the reasons those comments were deleted.
Original? … don't get me started :) (...be mature David, be mature)
 I know that to the 99.31% and growing number of you that read our blog and care, we don't have to give any reasons as to why we chose the name Mylee for our sweet little girl. So I'm not even going to bother taking the time to give 0.69% reasons or explanations. It's all HUMBUG, I tell you, HUMBUG!
Anyway, again I'm sorry to all of you to which this does not apply. But I wanted to let the 0.69% know that their disrespect and rudeness would not be tolerated here, not on my Sweet Brinley's Blog. Plus I've always wanted to say "this is were I draw the line"…. :)
I promise I'll let Kristin write from now on!
Disclaimer: All calculations are based on visitor averages and are therefore not 100% accurate. Plus David did math, which is a bad thing to begin with. 


Teach Me to Be Still said...

Hi David- I am new to your blog and I found you on the sidebar from the Riggs blog. Thank you for posting and sharing about your family! Many blog folks have had problems with Anon posters leaving hateful, unkind comments. You're not the only one :-( I think being able to leave evil words on a blog anonymously is just too tempting for some folks. There's no boundaries for these folks, no sensor, no accountability. They just cruise in to leave some nasty words and cause pain. I've seen it on so many blogs--they don't truly have a valid point when they post. They leave comments simply to cause you pain. :-(

I like the fact that blogpot allows some control over who can leave comments. I have restricted mine to only Google/Blogger people--some accountability seems to deter most nasty lurkers from bothering to post. Strangers can still come and read my blog (and even send me an email) but I don't have to read any ugly comments they feel on inflicting on myself (and anyone else reading my blog). The family/friends that don't have a Blogger account just email me. You all are going through so much--you don't need this kind of stress on top of everything else :-)

Love your photos of your new little one! Praying everything is going smoothly for you :-)


Teach Me to Be Still said...

P.S. Oops--please excuse my spelling and grammar errors! I said more than I planned and forgot to edit :-)

Evansmum said...

Hey guys,
I love your little girls name. She is just beautiful. I do read your blog everyday. I never respond, most days I sit here quietly and either celebrate on Brinley's progress or just simply cry. Your story is amazing, as is your family.
Shame on the person that was so inconsiderate. Perhaps they need to get a life and focus more on what to do with their free time since thay have so much of it.
You get a big "bravo" from me for standing up and saying something.
Your family is beautiful
Love Kieli

Cathy said...

There was a big story on public radio this weekend about the ease with which the internet allows "hatefulness" because it's easy to be anonymous. Perhaps those people are the ones who really need to read your blog and see what God has done. I've read, but never posted. Praying for Brinley and baby Mylee and you all. Congrats on that beautiful baby with all that gorgeous hair!

Ali said...

I guess if everyone else is leaving their 2 cents I might as well add mine...

I'd say on an originality scale the girls names (Mylee included) are near the top 98%. And forgive me if I'm wrong but isn't Miley actually a nickname for Smiley...any reasonible person would know that wasn't what you were going for.

But why do names have to be original? I'd say Abbie and Daisy are as pretty basic and classic as they get but I still think they are ok. For that matter, what is wrong with Jennifer or Kristen? Both fairly common but lovely none-the-less.

I guess if you have the time and negative energy to post lame comments about a baby's name we can all just feel sad for you.

Huenu said...

Bro, (and Sis) it's your kid (of course she is, look at her! she's beautiful) and you can name her what you want. You've always done a good job that way. I think her name rocks, and so does Mom. Love you guys!

Unknown said...

good for you david! that seriously ticks me off that people have the nerve to come to someone else's blog and say something nasty. how ridiculous. mylee is a cute name, but you name your kid whatever you want and nobody has the right to say anything about it. it's nobody's business.

i think about you guys often and the load your carrying. which makes it even more amazing to me that anyone would be so petty. anyway, you guys are seriously inspirational. i hope it's all downhill from here!! :)

Sole said...

You tell them David!! I love the name Mylee! Aya ellos, no? "Si tuviera rayos en los ojos...!!" I love you bro! Don't let them get to you, they'll just get theirs later ;)Love ya! give the girls kisses!

Sara said...

Oh my goodness...People are so rude. I love the name Mylee. It's funny to me that people have nothing better to do with their time. We think about you guys all the time and pray for little Brinley. Baby Mylee is such a little cutie pie...I love all her dark hair:)

Anonymous said...

aww.. im so sorry u have to deal with comments like that. how ridiculous. ur family knows without a doubt what life is really about! and its nothing more than health. the writers of those comments should be praying for their health and the health of their loved ones and not insulting such a sweet family. Karma david.. KARMA!!

Dennis said...

You forgot to say that this post comes with a guarantee. It's called the death and calamity promise (my right and left fists).

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys I feel so bad that people leave comments like that!! We think Mylee is a beautiful name. It never even occurred to us the Miley similarity. All we thought was how sweet!!! I guess I'm to busy to put two and two together. To think someone actually did just kills me. Some people don't know when to keep their mouths shut, and shame on them. This is a wonderful time for your family and don't let some idiot ruin it for you!!! We love you and read your blog everyday. I look forward to hearing what you two have to say, and the updates on the girls. Once again Travis loves to see David in a Heat Sweatshirt!!
(Coach)Travis & Layla

Anonymous said...

People shouldn't leave nasty comments on personal blogs. I honestly figured you named the new baby after Miley Cyrus too, but that you just changed the spelling slightly! I assumed maybe it was because it's Brinley's fave actress/singer? Either way, its your baby, your right to name her anything...glad the new baby is home now. yay!
ps. just curious, did you save the baby's stem cell cord blood ?

Marion said...

Deep breath, David. Do not choose anger as a response to people's shallowness, whether real or unintended. The rest of us will buoy you up. Do you think you're a little stressed right now? (LOL)

Kristin said...

Yes, we saved the cord blood, they bank it for free if you have a sibling with leukemia for the first 5 years. Nice!

Anonymous said...

WOW, Kristin! That's awesome about the cord blood. I didn't know they bank it for free if the sibling has leukemia! By any chance, can the new baby's cord blood be used to help Brinley at all? And, is Brinley a fan of Miley Cyrus? I know she is now a fan of your Mylee!

Kristin said...

The cord blood could be used if Brinley needs a transplant, AND if it is a match (they don't check that until we need it), but as of right now she will not need it because she does not need a transplant at this point. That could change if she relapses. Brinley is not a fan of Miley Cyrus, she doesn't even know who she is.

Ashley said...

Some people are seriously securing their places now, aren't they? Who the freak would make a rude comment on your 2 yr olds LUKEMIA BLOG!!!! FOR PETES SAKE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! You got the redhead fired up. Uh oh. Dennis and I will take them DOWN!

P.S. If you want to go private, I know that we would all jump through any hoops you put up. We love you guys.

Snoodle Family said...

I am new to your blog. I will keep your girls in prayer.
Do not worry about what other people think about your little girls name. :) It is pretty.
Have a blessed day!