Today is the day we honor our mothers.  I would like to honor mine.  I have realized this past 9 months that being a mother doesn't stop when your kids are gone, at least not for my mom.  There have been times lately that she has turned back into my mommy.  I remember when David called me from the hospital on September 2 last year and told me to come down there because they were admitting our Brinley for testing.  I was scared, but I didn't know what of.  I called my mom and we talked the whole drive there.  I was in tears, and she was on the internet googling multiple fractures and getting as much info as she could before I got there.  
I remember recently when the doctor thought Jade might have leukemia too, the first person I called was my mom.  She is the one I know is ALWAYS there for me.  If I have a concern that I am quite certain everyone else in the world will think is stupid, I can bring it up to my mom and not feel like she is laughing at me.  She has traveled to help me so many times, especially this last 9 months, and sacrificed her precious "vacation days" at work to come help me, hardly a vacation, but she knew how badly her daughter needed help, and she is a mother who will make that sacrifice.    
Looking back to my childhood, my mom made so many sacrifices for us.  She quit her job to raise us, and I remember not having much money growing up with only one income.  She clipped coupons, went without new clothes or new things, and did everything she could to be frugal so she could be home with us.  She was always there.  She had been a school teacher and knew the importance of educating us.  We were read to often and were taught the importance of reading to your children.  She is currently at a library working in the children's section, of course, and is still reminding us of the importance of reading.  Our kids know they can always count on their grandma to read them stories when she is here.  
My mom loves to laugh.  She is often laughing the longest at a joke, in fact, the joke usually turns into us laughing at her because she can't stop laughing!  We laughed in our family, and still do, even when things are hard.  We know how to laugh together.  If I tell my mom a funny story, she makes me tell it to the next 10 people we come in contact with, even if it isn't funny to anyone else but her and I. 
My mom is compassionate and feels for others.  She will often cry when she hears of someone else's pain, she can empathize with what people go through, probably because she has been through a lot herself.  She has lost a child, she has experienced the joys and sorrows of raising 5 children, she is experienced in life and has a lot to offer in advice.  
My mom knows how to serve others.  She has been an example of service.  She is not a "LOUD"server, she does it quietly and in her own way, inviting someone with no family to Thanksgiving, taking care of her elderly neighbor, running a meal over to someone in need.  Never expecting praise or worldly recognition.  I know she learned that from her mother, who is always thinking of how she can serve others, even when she is in pain or sick.  If I had to describe my grandmother in one word, it would be service.  
So, Mom, thanks for your years of sacrifice.  Thanks for teaching me about the Lord.  Thanks for teaching me how to be a mother.  Thanks for the blood, sweat and tears that comes with being a mother.  I love you.


Marion said...

Hear, hear! Well said about your mother. She has been my friend for many years and a co-worker for the past four years, as well. You're right about how she loves to laugh and cries so easily at someone else's pain. I've also seen her laugh till she cries. Fun stuff to read on Mother's Day!

Marion said...

Hear, hear! Fun stuff to read on Mother's Day and well said!

Marion said...

sorry. didn't mean to be quoted twice. I just didn't know the new procedure. . . .

Laura said...

Hello Brin and family,

I found your site a while back and have been silently following and praying since.

I wanted to refer you to our site, Asher and Jacob's Friends. We are a group offering prayer support to families in need. There are so many wonderful people on our site who continually pray for all the families listed. If you are interested in registering, I will include the link below.

Please know I will continue to keep your amazing family in my prayers.

For Prayer Support:

Ali said...

Your mom is pretty darling. Abbie loves to see her in the library and tell Ms. Linda about her latest book, cd or other hot library find. Happy Mother's Day Ms. Linda!

jessi said...

Miley is too cute! Happy Mothers Day!