Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I have just been so busy trying to keep up.  I will try to do better, besides this has been such an outlet for me I have missed it.  

Brinley had her clinic visit yesterday.  She got her chemo and started a 5 day pulse of steroids.  The good news is her liver function went way down (it had been very high in the ER) and I was very happy about that.  However she has not been feeling very well lately.  She says she feels sick a lot and is nauseous.  She gags quite often but doesn't throw up, I think sometimes she swallows it back down because she doesn't want to throw up.  They are kind of baffled as to what is making her feel sick, sometimes she gets up and lays around feeling sick for a couple hours before she perks up.  She has also been very hard to handle, I am just at a loss on how to deal with her.  She has been very demanding and is having a hard time being nice to her sisters.  This morning she is feeling particularly sick, understandably since she got chemo yesterday and is back on steroids.  She has cried all morning.   They are trying to figure out if her 6MP is making her nauseous and want me to try giving it at a different time of day to pinpoint if that changes when she feels sick.  Thy may decide to adjust her dose if that is the cause, but I am nervous to do that because then I wonder if she is getting enough chemo to stay in remission.  I guess her counts will tell us if she is getting the right dose.  Her ANC was pretty low, right above 500, which means she is almost neutropenic.  So we need to be careful with crowds.  At least the weather is nice and we can do things outdoors so we don't feel too cooped up.  We have a decision to make because my sister is getting married next weekend and the reception will be a lot of people in an enclosed place.....not exactly where you want to have Brinley when her counts are low.  We will probably have to either mask her for it or one of us miss it.  They want to check her counts again in 2 weeks to see if an adjustment is needed.  

I think we will have a rough week.  I am feeling frustrated and discouraged today.  Sometimes I wish this would just disappear and Brinley would never feel sick again from chemo.  When she feels sick I like to sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow to her, I wish she would understand the message in that for her.  Someday.....

I better get back, both girls are having an emotional morning.  


Stacy said...

Bummer Kristin, I am sorry to hear that. I hope things get better soon. That would be terrible to miss the wedding but you do what you have to, right. I would be willing to help with Brinley if you want during the reception so you and David could go together. Maybe I could go for a little and then relieve David and he could go. I would be more than willing to do that. So think about it. I hope your day gets better. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there and remember the glorious days you DID have and know that there will be more. It is just hard to have bad days again after you had some that were so good. Consider that you moved up to the next level in the realm of learning patience - Patience 401, and the shovelful of dirt got dumped in your bucket.

Luckily you have a sweet little baby that is just doing her best not to be a problem.

Write down some of the naughty things those little girls are doing and you can read it to them whem they are dealing with THEIR children. You'll all have a good laugh!

Love you.