Honestly there is nothing to update. Brinley has been fasting since midnight last night. We're waiting for the surgery but she keeps getting bumped. They had to replace her IV this morning, and missed the first vein. It has been a frustrating day so far. We'll keep you posted.

When we told Brinley they were going to take out her line she cried. She's gotten attached to it. It's like a part of her body. You'd think we were telling her they were amputating her finger. But by now she's so hungry that we keep telling her that once they pull out her line she can eat. She finally told me, "Mommy! YOU take out my line and give me a big Pretzel!". Poor girl I wish I could.


miss N Hanks said...

Hang in there sweet and ever so strong Brinley. You can do this....A life time of swinging awaits you.love, love love and more love
Thank you for keeping us posted.
A Nancy

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for keeping us with the news, she is teaching us so much, is so valiant and strong.
Hope she can eat soon. Love you Lidia