You are not going to believe this, but Mylee turned 1 on March 23. I have no idea who stole this year from me, but man, it is just gone. I remember when she was born and the nurse came back in after some blood tests to tell me she was septic and very sick, took her out of my arms and disappeared with her for several hours. I did not know if I would get to hold her again.

I can't imagine my life without her and I am so thankful she got to stay with us. Not only that, but recovered so quickly she earned an early release from her expected hospital stay. She was ready to go home and meet her family!

We just had a quiet birthday party with some family at home. I laughed at how things have changed. When Taylor turned 1, we had a massive party, invited everyone we could think of and went way over the top. I have finally realized that 1 year olds don't need a giant party! They just need a cake full of frosting to dig into.....the "welcome to the good life" sugar high!! Kids don't need near as much as we seem to think they do. Honestly, if we had loads of money my kids would dress nicer, we'd take wonderful vacations and have lots of toys. Maybe a cabin in the woods and a condo on the beach. But I don't think they'd be a bit more happy than they are right now, because all kids really need is a loving family. If they have love and the very basic necessities, they are happy.

Anyhow, here are some pictures of our very "basic" birthday party.

Mmmmmm....chocolate.....taking after her momma......

Oh yeah, double fisting it.

Instant regret. I know this face well....WHAT HAVE I DONE??????

Here we have some totally random pictures. We were coming up to bed one night while Brinley was on steroids, and were greeted by these little legs. She was fast asleep at the top of the stairs.

I thought this was sweet, sister kisses.

Two of my four brown eyed girls.

We have also had a clinic visit since my last update. Here is the short of it. Brinley looks great, she feels pretty darn good, she's gaining weight and getting taller. For a girl who didn't grow for a whole year, that is great news. She is growing. Her counts were low, with an ANC of 800, but she has been fighting an ear infection still, so that may be because of that. Her infection was still there (our ped. snuck a peek in her ear while I was having Mylee's well check, so he had put Brin on some antibiotics already). Hopefully this antibiotic will zap it.

Steroid week was hard, as usual, but I took Jade and Taylor away from the drama for the weekend for a soccer tournament in Vegas. According to David it wasn't too bad with just Brinley and Mylee. My mom and Dad were in town to help him out and everyone survived. I have to add that Jade and I had a wonderful weekend alone since Taylor stayed with her team at the hotel. Jade needed some alone time with me, and she was thrilled to be able to sleep with her mommy!

Brinley has been complaining of back pain all day yesterday and a little today in her lower back. I'm not sure what that's all about, but any pain always sends up the radar. She is just coming off steroids, and they can cause aches and pains, so I am thinking it must be that. I gave her some tylenol with the blessing of our oncologist, but it didn't do much. I am trying to avoid the oxycodone because it makes her feel so awful, but it looks like the tylenol isn't the answer either. I just hate to see her in pain.

We are really anticipating Brinley's off-treatment day of November 13th. I think the time will fly by. It seems like I turn around and it's time for another treatment, so I look at that as a blessing, off-treatment will be here before we know it. We are going to have a party like you wouldn't believe....

Thanks for checking in and keeping us in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.The pictures are adorable and your gratitude is refreshing as always xoxo.(I refer to your girls sometimes as the two baby brown eyes or the two big brown eyes :)) love and tons of hugs...come on november ♥

mCat said...

Wow. How did I NOT KNOW that you had a blog? What the heck?

I've now just spent an hour or so blurking around (sorry - but yes that was me) and catching up on some of your older posts.

Have to admit that by the time I got to September of last year, I was in the full on ugly girl cry! At work. It's going over quite well.

What an amazing woman you are! And your family! I can't even find words. I am kicking myself for not getting to know you better. For hells sakes you are my ward family, and I have let myself be so wrapped up in my crap that I haven't looked around much to see what anyone else needs. Thanks for reminding me that I need to.

I admire you so much, and I admire Brinley! Actually each one of your family members is a testament to strength and courage. I can only hope to be as strong and wise as you are when I grow up.

I would love to add Brinley's pic and a link to your paypal to my sidebar if you don't mind. If you'd rather not, I totally understand. I think what you are doing for childhood cancer research is amazing and would love to help support it.

And since all my babies are grown and gone, ANYTIME you need a break, a sitter, a ride, a diet coke or chocolate - for love of all that's holy, freakin call me! I'm on it.