Geez, I hate to only update when something's wrong, but I've been so busy, I'll get to the good stuff another post.

Brinley got a fever yesterday, so we spent the afternoon at clinic. Her ANC was 6000, that is very high for Brinley, the last time it was that high she was fighting off pneumonia. So the Onc's radar went up for a possible infection, but so far nothing has grown. At least we know her body is doing what it should be doing to fight whatever this is off. We were fortunate to see one of the two oncologists I am most comfortable with, everything he says makes sense to me and I really trust him.

Last night, she spiked to 103 and Tylenol wouldn't even touch it, finally after 2 doses it came down to 101. This morning it was right back up there, so obviously we are going back in for another dose of antibiotics. It's so hard being a cancer mom sometimes, you second guess everything you do. If I call, they think I'm annoying, if I don't call they say "why didn't you call us?" I was scared last night with her fever because that's what happened last time she was septic, so I called and the person was obviously very annoyed to be awakened, or whatever it was I interrupted. So I got the "you-shouldn't-have-called-you-crazy-out-of-control-cancer- mom!" attitude. I went to bed and cried, I don't mean the boo-hoo, someone hurt my feelings cry, I mean the boiling-hot-burn-your-face-off-I'm-so-freakin-mad cry. I know it's inconvenient and all, but geez, it's inconvenient for me too, and I don't get paid for my inconvenience!! So just deal with it and be nice to the crazy-call-you-at-11pm-and-interrupt-your-lovely-dream mom. That's all I ask.

Anyhow, we'll take any prayers you want to give us, hopefully it's just a bug. I'll update later.


Anonymous said...

I think one of the most annoying things is when the ER docs say that it's fantastic that their white count is so
I'm so sorry that Brinley has this fever, and it's so completely annoying when you get an annoyed on call. If they don't want to be called anytime during the night, then maybe they should not have chosen the profession they are in. Obviously with this type of career, on call is a must!
Prayers are always coming your way, even when she is well...
take care:)

Anonymous said...

I will take your posts whenever and why ever.Much love and hugs and prayers. And an extra prayer for the impatient-annoyed-person on the other end of the "we need your help" call.xoxoxoxoxox praying for a better day and a no infection day.
A Nancy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

mCat said...

Any doc worth his/her salt knows enough about the on call rotation and their specialty, that they WILL get calls late at night from concerned parents.

And NEVER think you are being annoying. When it comes to this - no such thing!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kristin, when somebody choose a career in the Health field they know that is "Service to others" and they are been paying for doing that. So there is not justification for to use such a tone with a desesperate mother. But we know also that for one of persons there is an army of angels!
Please do not cry again only let the other end of the line to be remind why she is there. Love Lidia