Finally, we are on the last day of induction. We are still waiting for the bone marrow aspirate results, I'll post it when I get them. Brinley is so grouchy today. I guess because she got 5 hours of sleep last night and hasn't napped. I really hope it's the steroids keeping her up all night and things will settle down in the next couple nights. I am hoping to get some energy back once I start sleeping all night again. I feel exhausted all the time right now, which makes for quite a messy house (not to mention the time it takes taking care of Brinley, even if I HAD energy, I would have a messy house!).

Brinley is still not even attempting to walk. When I try to stand her up she just makes her legs like jello and cries. So I'm not pushing it. The oncologist said that the steroids can cause your muscles to deteriorate sometimes, and they see a lot of kids that stop walking altogether during induction. That combined with her having a broken leg and a cast on, she was not at all surprised that she isn't walking. She said after the steroids are finished, if she still won't try it we will get her started with a physical therapist.

I can't believe how different she looks to me. Her cheeks and stomach are all puffy from the steroids, and her legs look misshapen from not using them for so long. I look at pictures of her before and can't believe it's the same child. She just looks so sick to me. I am looking forward to this next phase to see if we get a little of her back.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kristin, I know how hard is all these, you are in my mine all the time. But the good thing is that little ones has big capacity to recover. Every time that I get to distres thinking one spanish song came to my mine that said.*Vendran de nuevo primaveras, como violetas floreceran...*Ask David to translate for you.
Be strong my litles ones. We love you and admire you a lot.Lidia

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the end of Induction!!! You made it through one of the hardest phases of treatment!!

My little guy stopped walking two weeks before his diagnosis, and it took over two months after treatment began before he could walk again. It was miserable on everyone, but today (nearly 21 months later) he is running around like every other 3 year old we know! It will get better ( many time have you heard that lately?)