Sole just left this morning and it was so nice to have her here to help. It got me thinking about all the people in my life that have been there for this to support us in some way, and the only term I could find to describe you is heroes. Because you have swooped in to save us while we have been suffering. If you have come to help us with dinners or cleaning, brought gifts for our kids, helped tend our kids, donated money or sent a card, sent us a package, called us to check in, posted an encouraging message on our blog (some of you we have never even met!), said a prayer for our family, sent an e-mail to tell us you are thinking of us, sacrificed time and money to help us, you are my heroes. There are no words to thank you, because thank you doesn't even begin to cover it. Many of you will not even get a much deserved thank-you card because I would be writing cards all day long, there have been so many to thank, and taking care of my family has consumed all of our time lately. It's like we have these angels around us constantly to strengthen us when we otherwise would have fallen, and I KNOW without a doubt that the Lord sends other people in answer to our prayers. And you all (you should all know who you are!) are the answers to our prayers. I only hope that we can someday repay each of you somehow, that the day will come when you will need us and we can return your support and love. How would we make it through this without you? You have eased so much of our pain and you are all our heroes! A million thanks (for lack of a better word) to you all.