Okay, I know I've already written about this. But I just have to again. Have you ever seen the movie Gremlins? You know how they are so cute and cuddly during the day, then at night they turn into little monsters? We have one in our house. Right now we are just tired of being up all night feeding our monster, but every once in a while we can see past the sleep deprived frustration and find the humor in it. This is one of those moments. Last night, Brinley got up and ate the following (in one sitting): 2 1/2 peices of toast, a milkshake, yogurt, chips, pretzels, and milk. Mind you, we have stocked David's nightstand drawer with snacks in hopes we can lure her into just eating in our bed so we can sleep through it all, but when the child wants toast, she wants toast. The conversation sounds something like this:

Brinley cries in her bed.
David gets up and brings her in our bed.

Brinley: Eat, daddy, eat!

David: Okay, do you want some fishie crackers?

Brinley: Toast! (pointing to the door)

David: Daddy has some pretzels here in my drawer. Do you want one?

Brinley: (she has already said it once calmly, and will not be doing it again!) TOAST, DADDY, TOAST! (head tips back in a dramatic fashion and face scrunches up as if in severe pain) TOAST, DADDY TOAST!

David gets up to get toast. She is crying the whole time waiting for the toast to pop up. She devours the whole toast and wants more. She continues to make requests until her stomach is probably about to explode. She goes back to bed and wakes up in the morning as Brinley again. We probably will not see the steroid monster until the next night (although once in a while she surfaces during the day).

Tonight she woke up at 11 already and had some toast and milk. We'll see how long it lasts......I'm on 11-3 shift. So I'll be on monster duty til 3, then it will be daddy's turn. My little monster. Gotta laugh!


Anonymous said...

You succeeded in making me laugh :)Your family is such an inspiration!

todd and angie purvis said...

Thanks for the Laugh, I don"t know how you do it, all the things thats going on you still find the time to Smile, and to think I thought I had a rough day,not even in your Ballpark?

Huenu said...

LOL. Brin, gotta love her! You'll enjoy telling her about this and teasing her when she's a teen. Thanks for sharing. What wonderful parents you two make.

Anonymous said...

Hi Darlings!! My alarm went off at 12:30 a.m. so I can be to work by 2 a.m....I'm down for a feeding... LOL ;) should I leave it on the porch? LOL...:) I won't complain about getting up at this time, it is quiet....Love you all tons,please the little "monster" and sisters my love and good luck today.
Aunt Nancy

Dennis said...

hahaha that was hilarious! I love it! I can only imagine what TORRES+HANKS genes on steroids can become! she is so adorable I cannot wait to be over there with you guys and the girls!

Sole said...

That's so funny!! Dennis is right about the TORRES-HANKS genes on steroids! I guess if you're having cravings being pregnant, you and Brinley should just have a date every night and just eat together!! Give her kisses for me!

Anonymous said...

One thing I have learned through reading your blogs is to not be pressed for time ready to leave the house with make up on. Usually its tears of saddness and heartache I share with you. It is also tears of joy that you have faith and knowledge to fight and survive!! This time it was comic relief to tears! What a visual you give us. Thank you for sharing so much!! Love, Aunt Lori