The last couple of days have been pretty quiet. So far, Brinley is still fairly happy, I wasn't sure if this round of the vincristine was going to make her sick or not, but she's been smiling and laughing, so we are holding our breath. Her appetite has decreased quite a bit, not sure why, probably the chemo. Her rash is starting to scab over and heal, it's looking better.

David is going out of town to Phoenix this weekend for a soccer tournament with Taylor and Jade, so it'll be just me and Brinley. Hopefully we will not have any ER trips, and we can just have a nice quiet time. I'll be turning our play room into our guest room because on monday, my sister Alissa is coming to live with us! She just got off a mission in California, and is going to stay with us and she will be able to help out with Brinley. We are all sooooo excited for it. We've missed her!!!

We are feeling quite stir crazy, but I'm nervous to take Brinley anywhere. Her ANC was 500 on Monday, and I know this new drug, 6MP can lower your counts, and each kid takes it differently. So I really have no idea what is happening with her counts, so I'm reluctant to take any risks. We'll probably lay low until Monday when we see where her numbers are. So we went on a walk today when we were feeling like we were about to go crazy. That was nice. OH, how I would love to go back to our normal life, when I could run to the store, or take the kids to the pet store when they are bored, or go to McDonalds play place. I miss those days and I want them back. Yet here we are, we'll make it work.


Stacy said...

Well I am glad to hear that Brinley is doing good. I hope that your week isn't too boring. I wish we could come and hang out. I would probably be going for lots of walks if I was you because I know how crazy it can get being cooped up all day. Or least play in the backyard - and you have a good one. At least it is supposed to warm up a bit this week. Have a good day - we love you!

Ashley said...

Yea for RM sisters! I'm so happy to hear that you will have some help. Put that girl to work!