I talked to the clinic this morning and they said they would talk to Dr. Druzgal about the "pnemonia spot" and see how she wanted to treat it. I've explained several times, to several people that she had NO symptoms until she went into the RTU and threw up during her sedation. When she called back she said "well, we know why the x-ray was showing the spot in her lungs, apparantly she threw up yesterday during her LP, that's what is causing all of her symptoms." Oh, thanks. I've been saying that was weird all along, but I guess no one listens to me. Anyways, they are going to treat it with antibiotics at home and watch the fever and stuff. Im thinking there is still a chance that she ALSO caught the virus from Taylor (they said Jade has it too, but she doesn't really have the symptoms Tay has, so she must have not gotten it as bad). So I will just be watching her today, but they said the ANC jump is a good thing, it means her body is reacting properly to fight this off. That is good news, so I'm sure she will be fine.


Anonymous said...

I totally relate to this one. Firstly, when I was a kid I received the Heimlich, inhaled a bit of my own vomit, and ended up with pneumonia. It's fairly common for Heimlich recipients. Secondly, it's amazing sometimes how little medical professionals actually listen to the people directly involved. I've been in your shoes!

In church on Sunday I realized that there are very few things I really need to do in a day. They are: breathe, get up, pray, learn, read the scriptures, pray more, and go to bed. Your list is surely different from mine, but likely shorter than you may first think. My heart goes out to you and your family. Know that ALL your feelings are normal and that this challenge shall pass with time.

Best hopes!

Anonymous said...

David & Kristin,

I have been keeping up with how Brinley is doing and i really don't know how to express how much ya'll have been on my mind and in my prayers. All I can really say and it is something that has got me through some pretty rough times in my life is and i fully believe in this is " That which does not kill us, will only make us stronger". I fully belive that you and your family WILL come out of this stronger and maybe even a little wiser. My prayers and thoughts are with ya'll.

Michael Powell

Huenu said...

Oh, thank goodness. Thanks for keeping us updated. Love, H.