The physical therapist came to our house yesterday and observed Brinley, she could tell right away that the problem is her calf muscles, and she gave me some games to play to stretch it out. It was amazing! By the time she left, she had stretched it out enough that Brinley was already walking a few steps! Today she walked several times! I can't believe how much improvement she has made just from doing those games. She's coming back next week, she said she can tell she still has trouble with balance, but she was sure by the time she came back Brinley would be walking much better. We got some video of it, I'll have David upload it when he has a chance.

Medicine update - I called the clinic and told them I could not give her that medicine. The doctor I spoke with said that it was the only antibiotic they could give her, and he agreed it is disgusting, but that they had a big meeting about her and all determined that she had to have the very strongest antibiotic, and there was no other option. I don't think so! I asked him if they had it in IV form, I mean, she has that annoying central line, we might as well take advantage of it!! He sounded a little annoyed, but said he would call our normal onc and ask. He called me back a few minutes later and said he had ordered the IV form and it would be delivered sometime that day. Yay! I love Dr. Druzgal, she makes things as easy as possible for us! I couldn't do that to her 3x a day, I just knew there had to be another way. So now we are giving it to her through her IV, much easier.

Jade is still very sick, but so far we have all managed to stay away from it. I had to go to the doctor today, (I think we have seen 6 doctors this week!) because I'm having some weird heart palpitations. I called my ob/gyn and the nurse had me take my HR during one of the "episodes". When I called her back she said I needed to see someone today, preferrably a family doctor, since it really wasn't an "emergency", but if I couldn't find one I would have to go to the ER. I was NOT going to the ER for "heart flutterings", I would be last on the list there! So I found a doc on our insurance. He is referring me to a cardiologist and I just have to go pick up a monitor to stick on my chest over the weekend so they can see if anything is going on. It kind of feels like my heart keeps fluttering and my HR goes up, and I get a little short of breath. Surely it's nothing major, it doesn't hurt at all, but I just want to be safe since I'm pregnant and all. Maybe just stress.


Ashley said...

Now why didn't we go with the IV antibiotics in the first place. Seriously! Glad to hear something worked out.

Sara said...

I'm so glad they gave you the IV antibiotics:) That's great the physical therapist is helping her walking improve...(Yeah for Physical Therapy:) And I had no idea you were pregnant...Congrats, and I hope everything is ok w/your heart:)

Anonymous said...

I don't know why they don't give most of the meds IV. Getting the kids to take them by mouth is really, really hard, especially when they are so young. The two things we have found that sometimes work for Serenity are mixing with Hershey's chocolate syrup or the grape flavoring sold at the pharmacy. And we let her chase it down with Pepsi, which is a real treat. Because what's a little Pepsi on top of chemotherapy? ;-)