This was last Thursday at clinic, just wanted to take some pics of a typical visit to clinic. Starting with the weight, height and vitals, I just thought she looks so tiny an cute doing all this stuff by herself!

Once in our room, it's play time with Daddy.....

Dr. Druzgal examining her, our favorite oncologist there....I should have had her turn around and smile....

She got to pick a treasure from the treasure box, she's been spoiled at clinic, they give out some serious treasures, no stickers there!

Getting one of the chemo meds through her line.

Getting another chemo med. Usually we go to the infusion room, but this time they must have not needed our room because they let us stay in there. Much nicer.

After the IV chemo, we head downstairs to the RTU for the LP (chemo in her spine) and do some more waiting, luckily they have good toys there!

We skipped taking pics of the sedation, it's not a pretty sight watching them put her to sleep, but here's afterwards in recovery, she had fasted all morning and was hungry! This was the happiest she has EVER been after sedation, glad we had the camera! The nurse next to her watches her vitals for a while, then we are free to go!


Anonymous said...

They better have serious treasures in there with the money people have to pay for top of the line care! I am glad they're not being stingy with the toys!