Brinley was admitted to the hospital today because she got a fever. When we got there the ER was PACKED! Knowing that Brinley's ANC was 200 on Thursday, David and I got very nervous. Let me just say I love our hospital! The nurses took us back away from everyone and got us right into a room. I was so grateful, I know they were swamped, but I always feel like they take such good care of us. I don't have to fight them to keep Brinley away from all the germies floating around the ER. When we first arrived her fever had shot up to 101.5 or something like that (it had only been about 100.3 all day) so they wanted to get an antibiotic in her right away. The problem was that her line wasn't letting them draw any blood. There is a medicine they can put in it to clear the line up, but they couldn't get the antibiotic started until they took the blood culture to see if she has an infection. And they couldn't wait for the pharmacy to send up the stuff to clear her line. So they almost had to poke her to get the blood draw. The nurse decided to try one more time, and this time we jumped in to give him all kinds of probably incredibly annoying advice about how to get the blood out when the line is being stubborn (we were quite desperate to not involve any needles, the x-rays they took had been bad enough already!). So he tried all of our silly advice, give the line a good strong flush first, hold her arms up, put her in a different position, and guess what?? It worked!! We were soooo happy. He was definately the hero of the day, especially for putting up with us telling him how to do his job! Annoying right? Turns out her ANC is 0. Yep, zero. Not a good combination with a fever. Of course that is an immediate admit, so we got in pretty quick.

The good news: Brinley is in very good spirits. She is flirting with the male nurses and being silly and pretty happy, with a few rough patches. So it hasn't been to bad thus far.

The bad news: There is no explanation for her fever, and was about 101.7 until they gave her tylenol to bring it down. She has no other symptoms and that really scares me that it is a bacterial infection, and with 0 ANC I am very nervous and really anxious to find out what is causing the fever. They x-rayed her stomach because she is still having stomach pain and now has a diaper rash. She has been pooping like crazy the last few days, but it is painful every time, even with soft poop. (sorry for the details, lol) So they said she has a TON of poop in her and they really need to get it out. The problem is with 0 ANC they can't give her an enema because the risk is too high for infection. So we'll just have to continue the miralax (we've been doing that at home already) and hope it all clears out. The nurses said they call it FOS. Full Of.......I'll let you finish it. We got a good laugh out of that, we said that is true in more ways than one!

They also took a urine culture (no cathader, thank goodness, also too risky for infection) too see if there is an infection there. Sooooooo, bottom line is we don't know anything right now except that she has a fever, and has nothing in her to fight off an infection. We should know more tomorrow. David stayed at the hospital and I came home with the kids. Long night for David...I'll update tomorrow.