We are still here, and don't have much to update. Brinley's ANC is still at 0, so we are hoping tomorrow it will be going up. They might let us go home with 0 ANC if she is fever free and looks healthy for 24 hours. She had a fever at 10 this morning and has gone the rest of the day without one, but the nurse just took vitals and it is going back up. So we don't know that we'll get to go tomorrrow. We are still waiting on the culture to see about the infection, tomorrow at 3 will be 48 hours and they should have some results. She has some sores and is still in a lot of pain when she goes poop, she sweats and screams trying to get it out, even when it is soft, and that concerns me. Other than that she seems happy and is feeling fine, she's been making everybody laugh.


Unknown said...

Kristen please know that you and your family are always in our prayers. Love Hannah Stewart and Family