We got to come home today, with a nice long list of instructions.  They left it up to us, they said they could keep us there if we weren't comfortable coming home.  I thought about it, but honestly, I really wanted to get out of there, my other kids need me, and Brinley is feeling pretty good, so if they're comfortable, I'm comfortable.  My biggest concern was that Taylor sat by a girl at school all day yesterday who had the flu and her mom made her go to school.  I talked to the docs and they said since we all had the flu shot and there aren't any new strains out there right now we should be okay.  I wish people would just keep sick kids out of school.  

Thanks to David's boss and coworkers for being understanding this week, they are busy at work and really needed him there.  Surely it was very frustrating for them, hopefully things will smooth out now.  Thanks also, again, to my mom's coworkers for letting her stay just ONE MORE day, I promise she will be home tomorrow!

Brinley's ANC was 0 again today.  They said it could be that way for a while, Delayed Intensification really does a number on them.  But really, they don't know.  One thing I've found about ANC's is there is no rhyme or reason behind it, so we have no idea when that number will come up.  In the meantime we came home and spent a couple hours disinfecting and cleaning the house so we could rest easy that there weren't a bunch of germs floating around.  Some wonderful friends from church brought dinner, so I didn't have to cook.  

They said Brinley has mucositis and she is taking a medicine for that (when you get sores on your mouth and rectum, it can get so bad you can get them through your whole intestinal tract) We hopefully caught it early enough she will not have a lot of pain from it (those are the sores still on her bottom).  We are also still pumping in the miralax to try to get her all cleaned out, and it has been less painful for her to poop.  (I sure put a lot of poopie details in here, lol).  She has to have a really powerful antibiotic, fortaz, through her central line every 8 hours until her ANC is above 500.  She'll get a CBC on Monday to see where it is.  She was 99.6 before bed, so I'll probably be checking her temp tonight, we do the antibiotic at midnight.  No chemo this week, possibly held next week as well if her counts don't recover.  I don't have much else to report, we are just glad to be home.  I am tired.  Do I say that too much?  Oh well, it's the truth.  The nurse was not very quiet last night doing vitals and kept waking up Brinley, and our room was right by the bathroom and the door slammed every time someone went in there.  Then the morning nurse came in at 8, when we were finally sleeping soundly and I woke up to her right in my face trying to whisper to me that Brinley needed to take her meds.  Woah, I wanted to tell her to back up at least enough so I could wipe the drool from my face without her seeing me!  Ever heard of morning breath?  If I open my mouth to talk, you'll be sorry!!  She was cute though.  

I'm trying to keep everyone happy and failing miserably.  Jade is crying constantly, Brinley needs me 24/7 and is freaking out if I give the attention to Jade, Taylor is being understanding but is probably suffering quietly.  He who cries the loudest gets the most attention, right?  I just have to pray that the Lord will somehow get me through this phase.  Heck, maybe he can just get me through each hour, one at a time.    

I had to go to my OB/GYN appointment this morning, so David came to the hospital and I ran over there, everything looks good for baby.  My doctor and I are on the same page, he comes in, measures, listens to the heartbeat, asks how I'm feeling, I say good, I'm outta there within 10 minutes total.  It's great.  I didn't dare reschedule again, even though I wanted to really bad, they probably hate me there, I've been a total flake!  

Could all of you praying for Brinley slip in a little prayer for me too?  I could use it...come to think of it, throw in the whole fam.  Jade is being weird, I don't know if it's emotional or physical, something just seems off with her.  She has a dr appt on Friday and I will talk to him.  She is also running a low grade fever (99's) off and on for a few weeks now and says her bones hurt once in a while.  She is really going through a lot right now, it is so hard for her to understand.  David is one in a million, we would not survive this without him.  He's so much stronger than I am.  He would wake up every hour with Brinley if it meant I would have a decent day and not be tired.  He has a lot of pressure on him right now, so our whole family could use a little extra heavenly help.  Thanks!  


Lidia said...

My dear Kristin, I'm sure Heavenly Father are protecting you and your family. Everithing will be okey. Heavenly Father never forget you and David and your beautiful girls. Lidia and I are praying for help for you and David. We are happy that you are at home now. Please, be confident and don't forget that The Lor said: "..YOU ARE NEVER ALONE..." and I know that it is true. We love you. Lidia and David

Kandice said...

We're so glad you are finally home. Josh and I will definitely keep your family in our prayers.

Stacy said...

We love you and hope things get a little brighter! Prayers we can definitely do!

Ana said...

It is nice to hear you are back home! I will keep you and your family in my prayers...!

Ana Luisa

Ali said...

Ms. Linda was definitely missed by Daisy at storytime this morning but we are so happy that she was able to stay over and help.

The Thompson family is on the case...prayers for everyone in the Torres family will be taken care of pronto.