Just wanted to share a post written on the list for parents of kids with ALL that touched me.  It was written by Alicia Hall, mama to Avalon, who also has leukemia.  I couldn't possible say it better than she did.  

"This post is for our Angel-moms.  Its also for any of you who have prayed
for/hoped for/wished for/and cried for one of our beloved chemo warriors.  I
fully understand that Memorial Day is intended to honor the incredibly brave
and selfless men and women who have served our country to protect the
freedoms we hold dear.  I celebrate each of them, and grieve with the
families for those that have been lost in that fight.

But today, I also celebrate some of the bravest, most courageous warriors I
know...cancer kids.  Our children did not choose to go to war, but they
embrace their duty with dignity and a strength of character that often
humbles those of us blessed enough to know them.  I celebrate the lives of
those that have won their wars, and those whose battles ended early.  I
celebrate the generals of the war, those amazing doctors and research
scientists who arm our children with the weapons they need to fight, and the
battle plans to do so.  I am grateful and I thank them.

Yet no matter how much I value those generals, in the trenches, its the
determination and pure heart of our cancer warriors that endlessly amazes
me.  Cancer kids have wisdom beyond their years, and an appreciation of life
that we cannot hope to grasp.  They face each battle with resolve...to win,
and to continue to *live* - no matter what the actual battlefield score is.
I've know warriors who faced monumental odds...yet they fought on, and
somehow enjoyed life in spite of it.  Cancer soldiers don't know what it is
to quit - they only know to move forward, and attack each new day with
eagerness and fortitude.  In the best definition of the word, our children
are warriors, seeking to win a collasal war against a bitter, heartless
enemy.  I celebrate their strength and courage.

On this day of memorials, I also choose to remember those soldiers whose
battles ended early.  Each of them has left an indelible footprint on my
heart.  I may never have met them, but I hold them and their grieving
families tight in my thoughts and prayers.  Their lives, their struggles,
are not lost to the cosmos... they changed our world and have left their
mark on it.  Each of the warriors the enemy has claimed has caused a ripple
in the ocean.  Each has wrought change, and brought hope to the world.  I
know it doesn't help aching hearts or longing arms...but I want our Angel
moms to know...I celebrate the Beauty and Strength that are your children.
They mattered.  They are not forgotten.  They are a part of each of us who
storm the Heavens asking for answers.  They will forever be with me as I
fight to tell people about this secret war.  They are conquerors, and we
will always REMEMBER them.

May your hearts find hope and peace today."


chloe's clan said...

I LOVE that post! That is how I feel as well. I came upon your blog through April Rose I believe. But anyhow, my sweet little nephew was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was two. He was SLC Children's Hospital's first triple cell transplant. He is doing well and is 3 years old now. He has entered remission and scans every 3 months. What a journey. We all have battle scars from his war but I am sure as mothers or fathers or aunts we would gladly take on their wounds!! I hope all continues to be well for your family as it is day by day for ours. :)