Brinley's third culture today also grew bacteria. That was bad news, it grew very quickly again, in 12 hours, and the ped said that indicates it is still a bad infection. However that was drawn before the new antibiotic was given. We were told normally they will do a three strikes rule of thumb, if her culture grows bacteria 3 times they pull her central line, because that would be the problem. They explained to me any time something foreign is in your body it can really be a breeding place for bacteria. They decided to give it one more try though just to see if this antibiotic can do the job and we can save her central line. If this last one (taken at 6pm friday) grows they will do the surgery to remove her central line. Then they will insert a PICC line in her arm for a month or so to clear the infection completely and we will decide on doing surgery for another central line, switching to a port, or doing all her chemo strictly through IV. We've moved to Monday for the earliest possible release. It's beginning to get hard on the other kiddos.

The good news: I actually feel confident that this last antibiotic is working. She has not had a fever at all since they administered it and she has been feeling a TON better. She was happy most of the day, and that is a big improvement compared to yesterday. She has been so cute and goofy, we got some video of her today just being her cute self. So I am really thinking the culture will not grow this time.

Something funny: For a two year old, Brinley is sometimes beyond her years funny. David said tonight the new nurse came in to introduce herself to Brinley and told Brinley to call her if she needed anything. About 5 minutes later, she came back to tell David something. Brinley looked at her totally straight faced and quietly said "I didn't call you." David said they both about died laughing. Funny girl.


Lidia said...

Oh my Kristin! Thank You for sharing with us this post. I can see the Hand of God over your family. I know we have to wait for new result, but be positive and hopefull. Everithing will be okay. Lidia and I don't stop our prayer and hope. We love you and your entire family, our children. I fee the spiritual union of Linda and John, your beautiful parents, and Lidia and me praying for Brin. Remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE". Grandpas Torres