They know more today than yesterday.  The bacteria she has in her blood is called bacillus.  There are two different types, and they are still waiting to find out which type.  In the meantime, she got a fever last night of 103 and her second culture also came back positive for bacteria.  So the first round of antibiotics did not work.  We are waiting for the results of the third culture to see if the three antibiotics she was on yesterday worked on the infection.  They are giving her the mother antibiotic that is supposed to be really strong.  She had some minor reactions to it, her whole head and face turned red and itchy, but they continued it with benadryl because they really felt she needed this particular antibiotic.  the benadryl did the trick and we will just have to give it to her before every dose.  I worry that she is resistant to the antibiotics because she has had so many.  She is not dangerously sick right now, so they think she is out of the danger zone, but they are concerned that she still had a fever and the culture is still growing bacteria.  They said it is under control, they just have to find the right antibiotic, and if it turns very stubborn we may need to discuss options for a line replacement, bacteria like the central lines and it can be problematic to clear them sometimes.  She goes from being silly to sick, it's been pretty up and down.  She wants to go home, but they are so good to us here.  The doctors have been wonderful and informative and have kept us very updated.  Going home on Saturday is out of the question, but maybe Sunday if she passed the no fever, higher ANC or clear cultures test.   

Here is a message from Brinley, she wants to type too! mmmmmm,.mmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.....

Interpreted that means thank you for all your prayers and support and she loves you all!