At 10:30 they decided to admit her to the hospital for testing. I knew something was wrong and had already decided I was not going home without some tests run, so I was relieved I didn't have to put up a fight! A big thanks to the radiologist who really pushed for testing, because he knew something looked wrong on her x-rays. They got in an IV and started with some blood tests. It was a really painful day for her. There were a lot of needles and her leg was in a lot of pain. They had put her in a splint, but apparantly the femur is a very painful bone to fracture. So she was given morphine for the pain and she was totally exhausted. She had not slept at all saturday night, and it was well into Sunday afternoon. She kept trying to fall asleep, but every time she would drift off, her muscles would spasm and her body would jerk awake and cause a lot of pain in her leg. So she went through the entire day having spasms and in pain, even with the morphine. She got x-rayed for every bone in her body, and there were no other fractures. She was not able to eat because they wanted her to do an MRI and would have to sedate her, but they didn't know when. Finally at 3 or so, they came in and said she could eat because they couldn't get the MRI done until the next day. So I gave her 2 fishie crackers, and some apple juice (that was all she would eat). Ten minutes later, the nurse came in and said "you didn't feed her yet did you?" I said she had the crackers, and she said they had decided to do the MRI that day, and we would have to start all over again with a 6 hour fast because of 2 crackers!!! So the MRI was scheduled at 9PM. At 7 the nurse came in again and said they could not do it until the next day after all because someone forgot to schedule someone to sedate her. We had starved her all day long for nothing. I was pretty upset. We got her some food and she wolfed it down!

Femur fractures are so painful :(

Finally sisters can come visit
She hadn't slept since the night before, and this was around 7 or 9 PM.

Finally something to eat!!

Rough day! :(