After the rough night last night the day started out okay. She is getting a little out of control with her temper tantrums, we have to just let it run it's course. I think it is the steroids, the doctor said that can make her quite angry and out of control. Plus being so tired doesn't help. We have had people in and out all day long, nurses, doctors, educators, etc. so it's been busy, but we are learning a lot. It still looks good for going home tomorrow.

Brinley just had a couple simple tests today, a heart ultrasound and a chest x-ray. I think they were pretty normal because no one said anything about them. Not much to report today! We had a visitor from a family who's daughter plays soccer with Taylor and their daughter had leukemia a few years back and is done with her treatment. It was so nice to talk with someone who has already been through it. They have a lot to share with us and it will be nice to have them to talk to.

Just some thoughts since I have a few minutes. This has been such a hard week for us. We feel like our lives have been turned upside down. We have felt the support and compassion from our family and friends and even from those who don't even know us personally. That has been so wonderful to experience. I wouldn't even know where to start thanking people for all they have done, meals, babysitting (NANNY DAD!), yardwork, e-mails wanting to help in any way, it has been overwhelming. I just want to say it has not gone unnoticed and we can feel all of the prayers that have been said for us. We have had a strength that we didn't know was there, and I think it is because of all those family and friends praying for us. Thank you for your strength and support! We could not get through this without you!!! We love you all so much!!

Yummy breakfast!

This is what thumbs up looks like to Brin :)

Still able to pull off a cute smile :)

This is Lilly... the theorapy dog. Brinley loved her!

Taylor comes to spend some time w/ sis.


Huenu said...

Kristen, my dearest adopted sister, thank you for taking the time to write on here. I appreciate being able to read thru and really know what's happened. I imagine it has been somewhat therapeutic to got back and think on all that's happened, and at this point in the game be able to count your blessings. Know that you've all been in our thoughts and prayers, I'm especially anxious to hold Brin Brin again, I think I will feel better then, LOL! Take care, and thanks for the updates. Hugs for you, David and the girls.

Sole said...

Like Huenu, I just wanted to say thanks! After all that you're going throught and have been through this past week, you're still thinking about us and writing this blog!! I can't even begin to imagen how difficult this must have been for you guys. We've defenitely have you in our thoughts and prayers. The kids don't know the extent of Brinley's condition, they just know that her leg is broken, but every time they say prayers they as that she can feel better so she can run and play with them again! We love you guys so much, and please, if there's anything we can do just let us know! Starting on the 15th Bitsy has school off for 2 weeks, so if you want I could go up there and help with the house or whatever you need! please let me know!