Finally we got to come home today! Brinley slept good last night, her heartrate was still quite low, but they said it was okay. We just had to hear the machine beep every few minutes...I made David stay with me this time because it was so scary the night before. But we still slept pretty good. She woke up quite happy. She got her shot at 9 and then we did some more training to take her home. David and Lidia (David's parents) arrived for the weekend. At around 12:00 we got the release papers and were on our way. I told Brinley were were going home and she was sooo happy. She said "and my toys!" She must have been pretty bored sitting in a bed all day!

I can't describe how happy it felt to come home. After being in a little hospital room away from Taylor and Jade for a whole week had been like torture! Not to mention people coming in and bugging you every ten minutes. And watching Brin go through all that was rough. Melanie, Aunt Nancy, and Dad had the house all cleaned and disenfected for us. Ahh, it was so great. Brinley was so happy to be home. We are trying to get her to eat and drink and keeping everyone's hands washed. We do not want to end up back there if we can help it!! Apparently if she even gets a fever it's to the emergency room for her! Tomorrow morning the home health nurse is coming to help us until we get comfortable flushing her central line and cleaning and changing the dressing on it. I'm still not ready to take that on, it's too scary!

Before bed David and his dad gave her a blessing and she went to bed pretty good. We'll see how the night goes! We are beginning what sounds like a long road, but we feel ready for it and we have the help to get us through! We won't be going to church tomorrow, but we were told there will be a ward fast for Brinley. I think that will really help. Thanks everybody!! WE LOVE YOU ALL!

Monsters Inc. was the movie of choice. We watched it like 30 times.

Mommy and Brin

One of our Doctors. (notice Brinley's face... "what are you gonna do to me now") :)

Coming out of the hospital we have to wear masks.

We're gonna fight this!!

Home sweet home.


Sole said...

YAY!! I'm so happy! I've been thinking about it all day and hoping that they would let you guys go home today!! What a relief! There's no place like home! I don't know if my parents gave Brinley what we sent her yet, but just to let you know, Caleb picked it out "for baby Brinley". It was really cute.

David H said...

She did give it to her, it was so cute! We took a picture of her with it, we'll send it to so Caleb can see.

Huenu said...

I'm so glad to read you guys are home! This week has felt like an eternity, I'm sure even more for you. Please do let me know how I can help, too. I'd love to keep the girls for a long weekend, anything. All my love!

Unknown said...

Kristin and David,
My family and I are friends of Dennis'-having gotten to know and love him while he served in a Spanish Branch in Delaware. I spoke briefly to Dennis yesterday and he told me about Brinley and gave me the blog site.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your sweet little girl. I'll put her name in the temple here.
Melissa Vincent

Anonymous said...

Kristen...I am so sad to read all of this. I hope treatment goes well and that she will recover. I live in Cedar Hills now and so I am like 30 minutes from SLC. I want to come a visit you.

Cami Putnam said...

David and Kristen,

I've just read all of what you have been through over the past week with tears in my eyes. Having Aiden the same age and trying to picture him holding still and enduring all of that my heart just goes out to you and to darling little Brinley. As sad as I am that you are no longer in Henderson, I'm thankful you are there with Primary Children's hospital so close. I would assume that is the best place for her right now. You were in our thoughts and prayers as our ward fasted for you yesterday.... Well, you have been in our thoughts and prayer ever since we found out. We send our love to you all. Cami Putnam