This will be a quick update, because there isn't much to update! Things are about the same. Good news - Brinley has slept ALL night for 3 nights now, let's call it a pattern and hope it keeps up! It certainly has made a difference for David and I! She is still eating us out of house and home and I don't know why, because it has been almost 2 weeks off the sterods. We are keeping it healthy, but she is putting on weight by the day it seems, especially not walking. So we will talk to them about it on Monday, if her ANC is good enough to go to clinic. The in-home nurse will come Sunday to check her counts, and we will know if we start the next round of chemo Monday or not. Let's hope so, every week we have to wait around is a week longer she'll be going through it, and a week closer to running the harsher treatment into new baby time, which is already cut quite close. We were hoping to be into long term maintenance by the time we have the baby. Due date - march 29th, estimated date to start LTM - April 1. See the dilema? Plus we are completely stir crazy and are starting to twitch. haha. Get us out of this house!!!!! Time for a white blood cell rain dance or something. Go Brinley! Build those cells!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Darlings!!Thanks for the update..yeah for sleeping!!!Let's hope we get that "blood cell" rain dance tomorrow.
p.s. really cute cute picture Taylor. Love & a big group hug ;)
Aunt Nancy