Today has been a great day so far in the Torres house. We watched Conference, first session was great, of course. I loved President Monson's talk, it really struck a cord with me. We have all these changes in our lives, the only thing we really CAN count on is things change, whether we want the changes or not. I will try to deal better with the changes that our family is dealing with, because they aren't going anywhere! It's been a little easier to feel normal lately, with Brinley being so happy. She's played with Taylor and Jade these last couple days, which is a BIG DEAL, because all month, if either of them come within arms distance of her, she's trying to smack them in the face. So Taylor and Jade have been saying "look mom! Brinley is playing with me" like it's something that never happens! I've actually been able to cook a little, we had eggs together for breakfast (no cereal!) and I made grilled cheese for lunch. I think Taylor is elated to have me back to myself today. She must have thanked me 20 times during lunch for making grilled cheese and tomato soup (one of her favorites). It made me realize how absent I have been for her lately and how much she really needs me. Funny how when something is taken away for a while, you feel so much more grateful to have it again! She's definitely learning gratitude the hard way!

Well, the bad news is that the home health nurse came today to check Brinley's blood counts, and although she is happy as can be, her counts are too low. Her ANC is 260, still way too low, so she won't get to start the next phase tomorrow. It's really scary knowing that your child has pretty much no immune system. I keep picturing little pieces of bacteria or germs creeping into her body and attacking, and her body not having the defense to fight it. It makes me constantly nervous. I was a wreck when I first found out how much her ANC had dropped last week, because I had taken her out to a soccer game with no mask or anything, thinking she was probably above 500. I was so mad at myself for putting her out there like that, even though I had no way of knowing what was happening with her blood. I still felt like I had done something completely irresponsible, the doctor had to reassure me she would be fine and that these things happen. Her red blood cells were low too, so the nurse said they might want to do a transfusion tomorrow, so we'll talk to the hospital tomorrow and see. In the meantime, we'll pray that her body will start making those white blood cells again, quickly!

We got a package in the mail this weekend from my cousin Emily, and is was full of presents for the kids. I wish I had thought to take a picture, you would have thought it was Christmas at our house! The kids absolutely loved it, all the gifts were a hit, it made them feel so special. Thanks Emily!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Darlings!
Let'hope sunday is an indication of your week ahead.That is certainly what I will be praying for, for you. Hope all goes well with the Drs. too. Love & tons & tons of missed hugs coming your way!! You all are awesome!!!
Aunt Nancy ;)