I just have to take a minute and give Taylor her due credit in all of this. The other kids sometimes get the shaft in the attention department, with all of the focus on Brinley, so I wanted to tell everyone about her and her part in this. She has been an absolute angel to us and I know next to Brinley, this is hardest on Taylor and Jade. It started out rough, she had a lot of adjusting to do, but she has changed so much since all of this happened. She has been so patient and understanding with us, and her love for Brinley has grown with each day. She has a journal she keeps of letters to Brinley, and every few days she writes a new letter to her and she will give it to her when she is old enough to understand. At 11 years old, she has grown and matured well beyond her years this month. I already mentioned how she's been getting herself off to school each day, remembering everything on her own. Her grades and still wonderful, and she has not had me breathing down her neck about homework and spelling tests as I usually do, but she has taken on the responsibility of getting homework and studying done on her own. She has started doing her own laundry and has decided to take on Jade's too! That leaves me to only do 1 load a day and has been a tremendous help. She has been asked to do so much more around the house, and to sacrifice so much. Only 1 of us can go to her soccer games now for the most part (until brinley's numbers come back up) and she has not given one complaint about it. She hasn't complained about making her own lunch, or all of the fast food we have been eating lately (oh wait, she LOVES fast food, so I guess she wouldn't complain about THAT!).

Every Sunday she prepares a "Sunday lesson" for the family and this past Sunday it was about being a "family team". She talked about all the things we can do to be a team member and make our family team stronger (she knows about teamwork and team spirit, soccer seems to be her life!). So she made a list of things we can do to keep our "team" strong, praying together, reading scriptures together, serving each other, etc. We all had to sign a commitment to go on the fridge that we would always have family prayer and read scriptures every night. What 11-year-old WANTS to read scriptures together! I know I didn't! So we have read together every night this week and it has brought us so much closer together. We had slacked on that over the summer, so it felt good to get back on track. She loves the scriptures, and highlights verses that are special to her. She is an amazing girl and I want her to get a moment of the light shining on her, because she truly shines in our family and we love her! Thanks Taylor!


Anonymous said...

Taylor,Taylor and sweet awesome Taylor., not one bit of surprise here that you are totally "rocking" the best oldest sister of the year award. What an inspiration the whole family has been through all of this. I hope you don't tire of hearing how much I love & admire & are in awe of your strength.....God bless...love & hugs. I hope to see you next week!!
Aunt Nancy ;)

Marion said...

Having known your mother at your age (or close to it), there is a STRIKING resemblance. You are a beautiful girl. It's wonderful to know that your spirit is just as beautiful. Bravo for steppin' up!!

Ashley said...

I can't believe how beautiful she is getting! Dave is going to have to get a big baseball bat to beat all the guys off with!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to your family Taylor is. We think of you guys often.

Stacy said...

Taylor, you are awesome! We all love you lots. And are very proud of you! Plus you are pretty dang cute too!

Lidia said...

Our beloved Taylor!thanks your mom for comment of you. We love you with all our heart. You are a very special Grand doughter. Grandpas Torres

Sole said...

I was able to witness this first hand while I was there, and let me tell you it's true! She gets up when she's supposed to, gets ready for school, makes her own breakfast and packs her own lunch, and gets herself to school on time, and no complaints. She even reminded me about piano lessons because she new mom was preoccupied with Brinley at the hospital. Taylor, you're the best! Way to be a great example not only to your little sisters, but also to me! None of this goes unoticed. Keep up the good work, I'm so very proud of you!

todd and angie purvis said...


We are so proud to be the Parents to you , You are doing such a good job helping your Mom and David out, We can"t wait to see you next weekend, We are leaving your brothers with Grandma Peggy so we can have some "Taylor" time , I know you need it, and so do we, Keep up the good work,
Daddy loves you so much,
Give Brin and Jade our Love

We Love you Taylor
Daddy and Angela
Scott and Tige