Today is one of my favorite holiday. Not because I love to get roses or chocolates. Not because I have someone special to share it with, not because of the chocolate or balloons or teddy bears. I love Valentine's Day because I have become aware of an emotion that is the sweetest thing in the whole world. Love. I love love. I love having relationships with people I love. Friends, family, kind-hearted people. I love this emotion and wouldn't even consider trading the heartache that comes with loving someone so intensely that when something happens to them it hurts so bad you don't know how you will survive. I love my family. I was feeling bad today about something. I came home and asked my family for a hug and it felt better. I just wanted to go home and be with people who love me for who I am.

So happy Valentine's Day to all the people I love! We had a great day, waffles w/ strawberries and whip cream for breakfast. Everything pink for dinner. I wrote my traditional Valentine's poem to my family and read it to them. It was a great day.

HOWEVER, Brinley popped a fever before bed and we were given the okay to watch her as long as it doesn't go above 101 or she seems really sick. So we'll be checking her through the night to make sure. I don't know if her c-diff is gone yet, her antibiotics end tomorrow. So we may be BACK at the hospital tomorrow to have her checked out. Hopefully not tonight, neither of us are up for a 6 hour ER trip. Ugh.

:) Hoping for a happy week! Hope you have one too!


Stacy said...

Happy Valentine's Day to the Torres family! Sounds like you had a good day till the end. Poor Brin. I hope that fever turns out to be nothing. Love you all!

Unknown said...