We got home about 10:00 last night from the ER. Her ANC was 2200, so she got a dose of IV antibiotics, they drew a culture and we got to come home. It took forever, the ER was absolutely packed with sick kids. They redid the whole ER and now how a special "clean" waiting area for kids like Brinley. They are technically supposed to get antibiotics in her within an hour of her getting there I've been told, but it was more like 3. Since I was quite certain it is viral I didn't push it and wasn't too worried about her, since she was playing and happy. Besides, they had their hands full, one of the nurses told me they had to call in every nurse on call.

We got one of our favorite nurses, Chris. He knows what he's doing and always remembers Brinley. He calls her "bug". He hadn't seen her since her hair started growing back, so he kept saying how great she looks.

If the fever returns today we have to go into clinic and get another culture and another dose of antibiotics. At least it won't be the ER. She woke up at 2am with 101 fever and is still sleeping right now. Mylee is sick, so I don't want to ask anyone to babysit her, but I can't bring her to clinic with all those immune suppressed kids, so I'll have to figure something out. It is hard to not have my mom here, something about mom's, we feel like we can ask them to do anything and not feel guilty. Is that wrong? Anyhow, I miss you mom.

I am feeling some frustration, but how can you go through life without it, so I will deal with it. Thanks for checking in and thanks for your prayers. Funny to be asking for prayers for a common cold...that's the crazy cancer life.


Stacy said...

Poor Mylee and Brinley. I hope they both start feeling better soon. I'm glad that you didn't have to stay at the hospital. Good luck with everything. I'm sure if your mom read that post she would be up as soon as she could!

Dennis said...

We're always dying to babysit! just let us know!

Anonymous said...

I miss you too, and I miss not being closer to be a bigger help. Makes me sad. Love Mom