Brinley was teetering with a fever all day yesterday. I talked to the onc and they said if she had 100.3 for an hour we needed to bring her in for a culture and dose of IV antibiotics again. Well, it would go to 100.8, 15 minutes later it would be 99.5. This happened all day long. Until, of course, clinic was closed, then it decided to stick at 100.7 or so for over an hour. So I had to take her to the ER again. We decided to try a closer ER this time, even though we had sworn to never do that again. I just couldn't go sit at Primary's again for 7 hours. So we tried the new hospital in Riverton. I was really nervous, but it went great. Brinley's fever had disappeared when we got there of course, down to the 99's. But I was glad we went because it was back by the time we left. It only took 3 1/2 hours at this hospital, so we got home around 10:30pm. The nurse was wonderful and although she made me nervous because she does not have much experience with ports, she was able to access her on the first poke and we both breathed a sigh of relief. The took a chest X-ray and checked counts. Her ANC is headed downward, at 1200, so still high enough to come home, but went down quite a bit in one day. That can signify a virus, which we are all convinced this is. The chest x-ray showed mild viral bronchitis, and with her cough sounding so nasty the ER doctor wants me to follow up with clinic this morning to make sure they take a look at the x-ray, but he said in a normal healthy person he would not treat it. Brinley was her silly self, so I am not too worried, although I don't like the sound of her cough. When we got home, she was being a complete goofball, kissing herself in the mirror when I was trying to brush her teeth, driving us crazy with her silliness when we just wanted her in bed! Okay, it was kind of funny. David and I sat down and watched Lost, then tried to find the way to bed through the mess. Well, he stayed up to work and I found the bed.

Who knows what today will bring. I have a toothache and need to go to the dentist, but I guess cancer stuff trumps that, so I'll hold off until I know she is better. I am really hoping for a better day, Brinley has her IV chemo next week and I feel cheated out of our good time of the month. I'm hoping for a good few days before she goes in again.