Brinley isn't feeling so good today, but I heard it can be much worse, she's not throwing up or anything and her jaw seems to be okay so far. She's been able to eat some this morning and seems to only want mac & cheese. She asked for it for breakfast! I'm going to have to get those microwavable mac & cheese bowls so we can make it up quick when she wants it.

I haven't gotten the results from the bone marrow biopsy, unfortunately. They said I would have them yesterday, then today, now it's monday. So we'll wait until Monday to find out if her body is a quick responder to the chemo or a slow responder.

I'm feeling quite sick today, too. So we are a couple of sickies. I didn't get quite enough sleep last night, and that's when morning sickness sneaks up on me. I started the day throwing up and have had a major headache all day. I'll be glad when I can get in my bed tonight!


Ali said...

Let us know what you, Brinley (if it strays from Mac & Cheese) and the other girls like (David too of course!)...we think some care packages are in order!

The Thompsons - Tripp, Ali, Kyle, Abbie & Daisy

Kristin said...

We like anything, we are not picky. So far Brinley is still a mac & cheese girl.