Not much new to report today. Yesterday was a long day at home. Brinley is really grouchy and having a hard time eating and drinking. She at good finally yesterday and drank enough that she wasn't dehydrated, but she hasn't eaten or drank anything today at all, and it's almost 2:00. So we are getting nervous. The nurse told us that if she starts losing weight, they will put her in the hospital on a feeding tube. We really don't want that, but cannot find ANYTHING she will eat! I think it might have to do with some jaw pain, one of the medications can cause that. Everytime she tries to take a bite of something, she holds her cheeks and cries. I will probably call the clinic today.

The in home nurse came over today to watch us flush her central line and make sure we can do it every day by ourselves. I was so dang nervous I was shaking trying to put the syringe into her line. The nurse was probably laughing inside, because she said this will eventually be like changing a diaper. But I had to clean the cap 3 or 4 times, because I kept letting things touch it (she was kicking and mad) and if anything at all touches the cap, she can get an infection. I finally got it done and hopefully between the two of us we will be fine on our own tomorrow.

David's parents were here over the weekend and left today. They were a great help, we were sad to see them go. My mom will get here tonight to help when David goes back to work. Thank goodness, I don't know what I would do by myself yet! It seems like she's crying all day long, poor girl!


Joyce Seegmiller said...

Kristin and David,
I'm so sorry to hear about Brinley's illness. We will keep her in our prayers too.
Joyce Seegmiller

Rhiannon said...

I really don't know how I stumbled upon your blog about your sweet & adorable little daughter. I was looking at a photography website and hit a button somehow and ended up here. But I started reading about your daughter and I had to comment. I will be praying for her speedy recovery and for a high pain tollerance. I can only imagine how hard it would be on anyone! Let alone a 2 year old. My daughter will be two in October and I can't imagine!!!
I will also be praying for your family's strength and the health of your un-born baby. I too am pregnant and have had a lot of stress (though nothing like yours!) and worry about how it affects the baby.
God bless and I will pray! & follow her progress.

LaAna said...

Hello dear Torres family. I read bout this first from the ward email and couldn't believe it. Teni was sitting on my lap and I told him that was Brinley's picture and he smiled kept saying her name. Our prayers are with you guys and we know that the Lord has a plan for your sweet family (and Teni's future wife if I had my way)! We love you and wish you the best! Kiss your little princess for us.