We got some good news today! The bone marrow aspirate results came back and she has only 2% of leukemic cells left. That is great, she was at 70% when she was diagnosed! That means the chemo is doing it's job! So she is right where they expect her to be and things are going according to plan. So now she will have another bone marrow aspirate at the end of this phase (Induction) and she should definately be in remission. Yay! All these side affects this poor girl is going through, and we now we get to see the good side of that. So a couple more weeks of induction, then we move on to the next phase, and I think that phase drops the dexamethasone (the awful steroids!). That will be nice. A 2-year-old on steroids is quite the handful!

She's been feeling yucky today, of course, but we are learning how to handle it. It's still hard to see her so sick all the time, but I know it is temporary and someday she will feel better. So we will just endure, that news today gave me an extra burst of strength! My first day alone has been pretty good actually. Aunt Huenu left us with a clean house and some good meals, so we all feel rested and ready for the week!

We love you all and thanks for reading our blog! It has been so theraputic for me to be able to get my feeling down somewhere, I hope it doesn't get too depressing. I just decided that I would write what I was feeling, good or bad, and it has felt good to get my feelings and thoughts out. So thanks for listening! Love you guys!


Stacy said...

Oh Kristin - it is so good to hear some positive news. I am glad the chemo is working. Hang in there - we love you!

Lidia said...

Hi Kristin! These is the most beautiful news, I am in tears but the good ones. Love to hear that, I know how hard is to see them suffer.
But you and the baby are doing a good job. My love for the big sisters Taylor and Jade also. Hugs and kisses for Brin. Love Lidia

Lidia said...

P/D Am sorry Kristin, when I talk of the "baby" I mention the new baby that is caming he or she will be a big part in all these situation. And also my love for David Junior and You for been such a strong Parents. Love Lidia

Anonymous said...

Dear David & Kristen, Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings, we as your family and friends are here for the happiest and the saddest feelings. You both are such an inspiration of strength and faith. You are a great example of true family in good times and bad . Love & hugs to all the darling daughters.
We WILL get through to the other side of this, Hang in there!! Aunt Nancy;)

Ali said...

Another great place to write everything down (especially the things you might not want everything to read) is ldsjournal.com. My sister Lindsay swears by it. It gives her a place to vent where others don't have to see it. She finds it very theraputic. A guy we know started it (do you remember Nick Jones from the GV Ward?) and it is totally private...something to consider.

Lots of love-

Ali, Tripp & Family

todd and angie purvis said...

Great to hear the news,I know you have been under so much pressure,How are Taylor and Jade feeling today,
Just keep up the good spirits and everything will work out,I am glad you have had so much help,give the girls our love,
We miss you Taylor,Keep up the good work with helping Mom and David out,It really means alot,
We love you,
Angie and Todd
Scott and Tige

Taylor and Ruby Ricks said...

I am a friend of Huenu's I have been reading you blog. I can't even imagine having my child sick like this. I admire your family and your daughter. We will have you in our prayers. Thank you for sharing your experience with us I know that I have grown from reading the things that you have written. Ruby

Anonymous said...

David, Kristin, and family,

You are all in our prayers. How encouraging to hear the wonderful news today! We will share this with the kids' classes at school as they are praying for Brinley.
Wish we could be closer to help!
Kim Merrill and family

Anonymous said...

You are such an amazing woman! I have always been inspired by your positive attitude. I cannot wait to see you. That's great news! I am so glad to hear that.

Ashley said...

So GREAT!!!!! I'm so glad that writing all this out has helped. I must say, it has really opened my eyes to the patients side of things, not just the nurses and doc's. They better be taking good care of you guys!

Huenu said...

I'm sooo glad to hear! How's everyone today? Give the girls my love.

Anonymous said...


The Amazing Q said...

I'm happy to hear that things are going well, what a relief it must be! This is David W, who worked with your man at Wright Engineers. I hope someday that our families can get together again, I really enjoyed getting to know David. Here's to continued health improvements for your little girl! We've remembered you in our prayers as well.