The house is quite for a moment, so I will take advantage of it and write a little. We all stayed home from church today because last night Jade came down with a cold and fever (not good!!) and Taylor wasn't feeling great this morning. So we decided to stay home and rest. So far Brinley hasn't shown any signs of catching anything and we are trying to keep Jade away from her and everyone's hands washed. We're hoping that Brinley won't catch it.

I was thinking a couple days ago that I should probably talk to Jade (our 4-year-old) about Brinley's hair since it will be falling out in the next couple weeks. I didn't want her to freak out when her sister's hair started suddenly falling out. So I told her that Brinley is sick with cancer, and the medicine she has to take to get better would make her hair come out. But it was okay because it would grow back and she would get better. When Jade got sick last night she was sitting with me and she said "mommy, since I am sick does that mean my hair will have to fall out too?" It was so innocent and sweet and sad all at the same time. I explained that she doesn't have cancer like Brinley and only the medicine for cancer makes your hair fall out. I told her she only has a cold, and would be just fine. My little Jade.

Brinley ate her usual breakfast of mac & cheese, then Aunt Huenu made a nice big batch of homemade mac & cheese for the week. Much healthier! She seems to be hurting today, but we can't figure out where. It's almost like her whole body hurts, so we've been giving her the oxocodone. She's not feeling too good today. She wakes up several times every night, and I think it makes her so tired. She needs a good long chunk of sleep with no waking up. I figure she'll feel this way until Tuesday, I'm guessing. She goes in on Tuesday this week for her chemo. We are slowly getting to Mondays because of the doctor that is only there on Mondays. She was the doc and the hospital that we talked to the most and we feel very comfortable with her.


Huenu said...

Dear Torres', I just came home and had to check in on you, even though your post was written while I was still there!! I miss you guys already and am so glad I made it and got to help, and love my nieces. Hope Brin enjoys the "cheese." I wish I could've stayed longer. I love you guys, you know you're in my prayers and thoughts. Love, "wauntanoo."

Anonymous said...

Dear Torres' I am so glad to hear that your little girl is doing so well under the circumstances. It doesn't seem that long ago your were back in Vegas just dating and we were in Young Women's together. I passed your blog along to Leslie Whitehead because she does a lot with the Childhood Cancer Foundation here in Southern NV. Will keep your family in our prayers. the gublers