This is about the norm for Brin now - feeling yucky and wanting to be held.

Hearing a book from daddy at clinic today.

A family in our neighborhood gave a bag of gifts and she gets to open one each clinic day. A little something to brighten her day!

After a long day of clinic, walking around the neighborhood, and going to the store she is a tired girl.

I just thought this was such a funny sight, I had to take a picture. Taylor and her cousin Ashley have a recital on Saturday and have to practice together for a duet, however Ashley is sick and so this is how they had to practice today so we didn't risk getting Brinley sick.

Well, we just got home from our second clinic visit. It went so much better than the first. I have to write right away because I am feeling so great, and something may happen in an hour that will bring me down (you never know these days..)so I'll start with our clinic visit. Her numbers looked great, so she didn't need a transfusion. Her ANC was at 700 (again, that is how her immune system is working, a normal person's ANC is about 3000-5000), which is not great, but they gave us the OK to go a few places like the grocery store and Sacrament meeting (no nursery). So that was good news, we are feeling a little closed in lately! She gained back the 2 pounds she lost last week (these steroids are kicking in and she is one hungry kid!)The blood came right out this time from her central line, so no drama there, and she got her courage necklace today. Every time she has certain procedures, she gets another bead for her necklace. She already has a ton because of everything she has been through thus far! We will put it together tonight and take a picture, it's really a neat thing they do. She gets a bead for all the blood draws at the hospital, all the chemo visits, all the tests she has had to take, etc.

Considering she has cancer and is going through chemo and all those yucky side effects, we have been so fortunate so far. I know how much worse this could be, and she seems to be on the better side of it. We haven't had anything major go wrong thus far (knock on wood) and the treatment is working! What more could we ask for right now? We are in the situation we are in and there is nothing we can do about it, but boy have we had the best care and we couldn't ask for things to go better than they are. Our Brinley is kicking cancer's butt and we are so happy about it. (We've grown to really loathe cancer, so kicking it's butt feels pretty good.) My heart aches to have my old Brinley back, I want her smile and her laugh and her funny, silly personality,I want her to feel good and happy and not sick, but WE ARE WINNING! That makes me happy. So so happy.


Stacy said...

It makes me so happy too. Go Brinley - kick it's butt!

Lidia said...

My dear Kristin How blessed you and your family are, and every one in the family are happy, and we have tears for the wonderful thing are happening. And...GO AHEAD!!!BE STRONG AND HAPPY!!!LORD AND HEAVENLY FATHER HEAR OUR PRAYERS!...You are a great mother and David a very very special father. I love you so much and my granddaughters. Los viejitos Torres

Sole said...

YAY!!! We are so excited about the good news! We've been telling everyone! Eventhought it's not quite over yet, we feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is shinning bright! My heart has little pom-pons is cheering for little Brin Brin!! We love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Look how far you have come in three weeks! You are all doing great! Having the ups makes the downs more bearable. I'm glad the news was so good.

Huenu said...

Yippy! So good to hear that things went smoothly today, easier for her to take and for you to watch. We are all looking forward to having Brinley back, if she takes after her daddy, she'll be back twice as mischievous. Love us guys, Aunt Huenu.

David H said...


Peggy said...

Kristin, David & Family -

Oh you go, Brinley. Kick it's butt !! We're behind you all the way.

I wish I could tell you all the tears that have been shed since this whole thing started, and the number of prayers would be close to the same. Praise The Lord, is really about all I can say. I have prayed so hard that EACH of you would be protected and guided and that little Brinley would witness a healing from the tip of her head to the tip of her toes....and I believe she is.

We love and miss you guys terribly and can't thank you enough for keeping this up to date. We've shared the good news with everyone and your family remains on every prayer list we know of.

Stay strong and know that we will continue to pray.

Love and Prayers,
Harry & Peggy Purvis & clan in Northeastern Montana :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Darlings! Incredible to watch as our prayers are answered, one by one and sometimes two by two! Someone blogged early on the things that Brinley is going to teach us and what a blessing to witness the miracles. Your family is really due for some rays of sunshine. Sleep well......Love & hugs to all and thanks for sharing ;)
Aunt Nancy

CCmomma said...

Wow! I'm so glad Kathi sent me your link. I had no idea any of this was happening! I remember chatting with you last time you were here and that's about it. What a whirl wind! I am so glad she's beating this. I am so grateful for all the help and care you and your family are receiving and you all will be in our prayers! Love , Corrine Christian and Family!

Leslie said...

Hello from MT...we are friends of Todd and Angie and would like to show our support of you and your beautiful family. We would like you to know that we have been following your blog and our hearts hurt for you, but we are very strong ! We keep you in our thoughts and prayers daily ! Keep the faith and Kristin, keep your chin up girl !
Leslie Bengochea

Leslie said...

Hello again from MT...Just wondering if you have ever heard the song "Just Stand Up" is a totally AWESOME song and fits you to a tee...Hope you are able to download it and enjoy it too.